Manual Battery Preheating



Allow a means to activate battery preheating manually for times when using a third-party DC charger, such as CHAdeMO or European CCS.


It would be great to allow preheating manually when you go to a non-Tesla quick charging station.

Maybe that’s uncommon in the USA but in Europe, the connector is standard and some non-Tesla stations are useful, cheaper, or more conveniently located. Without preheating, we can’t get the best charging speeds even on 350kW capable DC stations.

Moderator: See related desired feature: Start Preheating from FOB.



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     Created 28-Sep-2021


Completely agree. In Europe there are lot of third party charge networks that don't allow to preacondition battery due to they are not recognized by navigation system. Adding these networks or allow to manually preacondition would fix the problem.
    Created 16-Apr-2022
An option to switch to third-party chargers in the map with automatic preheating might be an idea as well.
    Created 3-Oct-2021