Easier Cell Phone WiFi Hotspot Use


Now Implemented!


While connected via Bluetooth, either

  • create an option in the Tesla App to enable the cell phone wifi hotspot and have the car connect to it when the car is ‘on’.
  • or provide internet to the car through the Bluetooth connection.

Prevent updates and other automated bulk transfers from happening on the cell phone hotspot.


Currently putting the car into drive disables WiFi (can be manually re-enabled). This is particularly annoying when the LTE network that Tesla uses is down but my cell phone is still working.


With 2021.24 software released in August 2021, you can now remain connected to WiFi while driving.

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     Created 3-Dec-2020

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this will be really useful on older models as they only support 3G and more and more providers have plans to stop providing 3G and only provide 2G and 4G/5G
    Created 22-Dec-2020