Have Trunk Lighting Work when Powered Down



If the car is powered down for minimal vampire drain, the trunk light does not turn on when the trunk is opened. Allow the light to appear even if powered down.


I often commute early in the morning, placing my “stuff” in the trunk prior to getting into my M3, often the lights in the trunk are NOT on until I “wake” the car.

Moderator: If you leave on Sentry mode (which does consume more range when parked) the trunk light will work anytime.



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     Created 2-Dec-2019

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Hmm... something happened to my post.

Anyway, unless you want to do some wiring and modding, grab a pack of those solar/battery/motion sensor stick up LED fixtures from Amazon. I have a couple of those on the patio and in the driveway. Bright as heck, and last for ages.

Now that I think of it, I will probably put on in my Model 3 when it gets here later this month. Thanks for the nudge!

    Created 9-Feb-2020