Outside Storage Option



Offer an additional external storage option in the rear that doesn’t block the license plate.


I created a simple luggage rack under the license plate and outside. (See my avatar.) This rack is easy to assembly and disassembly (only 8 screws) and fits in the frunk too. Weight is only 2 kg and the usage within the legal dimensions, you don’t need to lift high, and the load capacity is more than 40kg. This rack does not reduce the drag and always observable from the back camera.



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     Created 13-Oct-2019


In my country the bike rack need a new new lic plate because it may cover the original, this is why i design this. The corrosion is a hard thing i thought many days to find a solution where NO DIRECT CONNECTION between the car aluminium frame and the new steel addon. (I fear if i only paint the steel then any paint error create a big corrosion on the car. This is why i totally separated with min.3mm rubber and strong plastic.)

I made 4 hole cover screws too (if not use the rack it totally cover the diffusor holes).
    Created 17-Oct-2019
Hmmm... Personally I would want a bike rack, but I like that your design doesn't require any modifications to the car and can be conviniently removed when no longer needed.

With hitch designs currently on the market, I worry about them rusting my frame.
    Created 17-Oct-2019