Slow Volume Increase after Unmute



Have an option, that after unmute, to fade back up to the previous volume over a short period of time.


After muting at high volume levels, resuming off mute can be a sudden loud burst. With this change, a driver can react and either lower volume or allow resume to full volume.



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     Created 27-Jan-2022


Set a moderate volume level (say 5) to never start above.  It might well be the muted level the system defaults to when the door opens after parking.  When listening loud, the only downside after stopping at the drive-thru would be turning up after unmuting.

An alternative would be click to unmute to original volume, but scroll up to rise from a moderate volume.
    Created 2-May-2022
So I could amend this suggestion by stating when muting very loud volume setting to bring the volume down to medium and then quickly ramp back up (within a 1-2 seconds).

The issue is at very high volume settings - not normal listening like you would with books. This could also be an option to set in the audio section. No reason for this to be the only setting.
    Created 31-Jan-2022
I listen to books while driving.  I'm afraid this would interfere with my book
    Created 30-Jan-2022