Location Aware Charge Limit



Allow charge limit (percent charge level) to be set based on location, like the charge current can now be set.


My work location provides free charging so I would like to set the charge limit to 90% when parked at work. At home I would like to charge to 50% (or even 30-40% if possible) to save the expense. I do this now using the app but would really like it to be automated.



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     Created 11-May-2018


    Created 3-Aug-2020
More valuable to be able to adjust the charging current using the phone app.
    Created 31-Jul-2020
While it would be nice to have this feature available at any location, like air suspension ride height is, I would be happy if I just had it at my pre-defined Home and Work locations.
    Created 31-Jul-2020
totally agree.

also, at superchargers i always set the limit to 100%, because i only use them for long trips. oh, and when i don't run a long trip and i go to a supercharger, i always run enough on road to have around 90% at home.


this should be presented like an option to enable in the center screen and in the app: "GPS charge limit"
    Created 12-Jun-2018
Model S already sets the current limit, but not the max capacity to charge to, based on location. Good suggestion, Linden.
    Created 1-Jun-2018
The Model S already does this.
    Created 1-Jun-2018