Allow Sentry Mode and Overheat Protection Together




Allow Sentry mode and overheat protection together.


If Sentry Mode is active – which turns on tilt/intrusion detection, the Overheat Protection option is locked out.

Under Controls -> Safety and Security, Cabin Overheat Protection is turned off and grayed out if Tilt/Intrusion is on. Having Sentry mode on forces Alarm and Tilt/Intrusion to on and grays them out along with Cabin Overheat Protection which is forced to off.

Moderator: This used to work, but at that time, tilt/intrusion detection could not be enabled with Sentry mode. It’s great that Tesla now includes the Tilt/Intrusion detection with Sentry mode. I could have used that on a break-in a year ago!


The intrusion detection is done in part by listening for glass breakage. Our conjecture is the Overheat protection feature can run the fan and compressor, and the noise they make could be picked up by the microphone and wrongly set off the alarm or the alarm would have to be disabled when running overheat protection.  We’re going to close this out as attempting to meet conflicting needs.

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     Created 27-May-2020


A great idea. I live in Southern Spain and the interior temp regularly hits 58 degrees C (136 F). Things are cooking inside the car. Even if overheat protection cuts out below 20% state of charge, as Sentry Mode does. I’d like protect the electronics in the car as well as detect malicious damage.
    Created 25-Jul-2020
When sentry mode is on, we can turn on the air conditioning just fine using the app. So there doesn't seem to be any problem with fans disturbing sentry mode or causing false alarms.

Air conditioning is a poor workaround, though. It turns itself off after a few hours (you have to turn it on again), you cannot select more than 27.5 ºC which is wasteful and not necessary (I think overheat protection is around 40), and it switches to heating when the sun goes down and temperature drops. All I want is a reasonable temperature to protect the interior. Simple ventilation is usually sufficient.

Babies have been killed by parents driving to work and forgetting to drop off their baby at the daycare center. Imagine the car having an overheat protection system that could have saved your baby, but for some reason it was disabled because of sentry mode. For no obvious reason.

    Created 15-Jul-2020