Route Planing with Limited Speed and Acceleration


Now Implemented!


A lot still can be done around trip planning: say you plan a longer trip. You might not be able to reach your destination on one charge if you speed and accelerate a lot (in Germany where you would frequently drive 100+ MPH that’s an important issue! ). Now the computer could calculate at any given time the maximum speed and acceleration power that will guarantee that you make it to your planned destination

Also, a trip computer could tell you: if you drive @ 100 mph you will need to stop at supercharger x for y minutes. Your total trip time will be -say – 3 hours. However, if you drive at 60 mph you will not have to stop and your total trip time will be 2:45 hours… – ideally, it is recalculated constantly, taking into account the current traffic situation, your driving style, actual charge, and a lot more data…


I don’t think this system exists yet.


Most (all?) of these features have been implemented over a number of releases starting in 2014.  If at your current speed, you will not make it to the next Supercharger on your route, it will prompt you to slow down with a suggested speed that will get you to the Supercharger.

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     Created 12-Oct-2013

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Available in v6.2 now.
    Created 1-Apr-2015