Lights On When Wipers On



When the wipers are on, automatically or manually, turn the headlights on.


In several states when wipers are on (raining) headlights must be on. It is also a good idea for visibility. This should be an option.

Secondly, there are no “lights on” voice commands that I know of. I can understand where there would not be “lights off”, especially at night, but certainly “lights on”. The lights auto setting doesn’t seem to trigger during low visibility/fog, or rain times. These options are common sense and too easy for them not to already be there.

Moderator: Tesla prior to 2020.48 software, used to automatically turn on the headlights, but the feature was removed.  There are some indications it could be a regulatory issue, but we could not get any confirmation of that.



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     Created 2-Oct-2022

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It's the law in California. Wipers on. Lights must be on.
    Created 10-Mar-2023