Lighted Visor Mirror


Now Implemented!


Add a light around the visor mirror that turns on when the visor is pulled down.


Many cars currently offer this feature.


Moderator: Lighted vanity mirrors were originally planned but did not ship with the first Model S cars. Tesla then indicated it would be retrofitted to existing cars (back in 2012).

Lighted mirrors are now standard on all Tesla cars. For the Model S, cars produced after 9-Feb-2018 include the new lighted mirrors.

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     Created 2-Jan-2015


I can guess what the designers' reasoning was in not including lights around the perimeter of the visor mirror. What is required for using the visor mirror when there is no source of light (the sun, for instance) shining in from outside the vehicle is a spotlight that illuminates the face of the person seeking to apply or adjust makeup, etc. The convenience lights mounted beneath the interior rear view mirror serve that purpose. So long as the person in the front passenger seat has a light shining on his/her face, visor lights would be superfluous. Fair enough. Eliminating them saves weight and simplifies the manufacturing process. The problem, however, is that the convenience light on the passenger side can't be repositioned; it shines in a fixed direction. It doesn't cast enough light directly on the passenger's face. If that were changed, I believe that visor lights wouldn't be needed. What argues for them, though, is that they're featured in every other luxury vehicle one can name, which is why people are complaining about their absence. Something needs to be done:  either add the visor lights or make the convenience lights directionally adjustable.
    Created 5-Mar-2015
Not having vanity mirrors is a miss for any luxury car - Tesla included. Let's be real: they are too small (especially for short people) and pretty cheap looking.

Tesla could have done a better Job...
    Created 5-Mar-2015
The driver's vanity mirror should only be used for Applying Makeup/Shaving/Popping Pimples on freeway entrance ramps during daylight hours. It might be hazardous at night!
    Created 4-Mar-2015
Do not have to remember to turn off when the mirror is fold up.
    Created 4-Jan-2015
Useful at night.
    Created 3-Jan-2015