Indication of Supercharging Wait Time


Now Implemented!


If a Supercharger is full, provide some indication of how long the wait is.  For example, leave one screen active when Supercharging so others can see how long they may have to wait if all chargers are full by looking inside your car.


Moderator: Sort of cumbersome to have to go out and look at each car to guess which is near completion (Kettleman City has 40 stalls!). While the dash display of time remaining may be accurate, often owners return before charging is “complete” because they have enough charge to get to the next Supercharger or their final destination.


Tesla has implemented an in-car indicator for Superchargers that are full to show the estimated wait time – short, medium, or long.

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     Created 26-Dec-2017

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Isn't there a green halo around charging connector on the car that flashes at a rate related to the charging rate?
    Created 30-Mar-2018