Lane Change with Auto Steer, No FSD



For those without FSD, allow Autosteer to change lanes using the turn signal.


While FSD gets the lion’s share of interest, it would be nice for those of us who do not have FSD to benefit from its progress. For example, my 2016+ MS90D has AP w/ Convenience Features (DA02) to include Autosteer. It would be nice to be able to change lanes using the turn signal while Autosteer is active. As it currently is designed, I must disengage Autosteer to change lanes, and then manually activate once again to resume its use.

Moderator: We expect this will continue to be limited to the FSD package as a marketing choice, rather than any technical issue.



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     Created 2-Jul-2021

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Alas, the Moderator is probably right. I am a pretty staunch anti unfinished FSD Luddite. As it now stands, FSD is kind of like being sort of pregnant. It is half baked. There are a few parts of it well crafted (like lane changing) but the rest is an unfinished Jenga tower.

However, withholding desired features like this subject unless you pay the entire $10K (Dec 2021) is obviously driven by financial concern.
    Created 15-Dec-2021