Log Each Charging Session



Maintain a log of each charging session including kWh used, location, date, and time.


Owners could calculate exactly how many kWh have been used for home charging, permitting accurate electricity costs per month to determined.

A plus would have the logs accessible via the Internet, so they can be easily viewed and downloaded.



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     Created 2-Jan-2014


We put gas in cars and know how much we put in and how much it cost. Having a Meter that keeps track how much juice is going into the car when it is plugged in is a MUST.

It really be nice to know the real cost per mile I have and have one more item in the brag bag .
I assume we have a very sophisticated computer system in this automobile with sensors and measuring devices all over, I think it should be real easy to get an app to keep track of the cost of all energy that goes into the car via the charging port.
Lets say it cost 11c kw/hr at home, free at the superchargers, 5 bucks for the RV place somewhere we stop to get a bit of juice and so on.
Lets have a screen we can enter the cost of the charging station and store it based on the gps location to record all that is used every time the car is plugged in.
In those cases that the location is not already stored it will ask for the cost as soon as one gets into the car after unplugging it.
Now we can go brag about that we can not do 100 miles to a gallon of gas but we can go 1000 miles for few bucks and have the data to back it up.
    Created 1-Mar-2015
As an engineer, I'd love to see the whole history of charging, especially as a download to mess with in Excel:  Date and Time of each charge, how much "juice" was added, etc., etc., etc.
    Created 12-Jan-2015
Yes.  Also log the avg ambient temp during charging as this has a significant impact.
    Created 23-Nov-2014