Summon from Parking Lot


Now Implemented!


Use the Tesla app to have the car turn on and leave the parking spot and find you a few blocks away.


It’s like having your own valet or like Knight Rider. Great for those hot or rainy days when you just want your car to pick you up vs you having to remember and walk to your parking spot.

Moderator: Will require Full-Self-Driving abilities.


Smart Summon was added with version 10 software in 2019.  It supports moving the car without a driver to your location up to 200 feet away in a private parking lot.  Currently, regulations do not allow operation on public roads.

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     Created 30-Jun-2017


It will happen when the various DMVs approve level 5 autonomy, otherwise kind of pointless to ask for since its illegal at present.
    Created 31-Jul-2017
I made s similar comment on another post: They would just use the GPS to determine where to summon to. So if you're at home at the front door and the Tesla is in the garage and you hit Summon button, Tesla realized it can't go much forward, left or right so back is the direction to go (or realizes based on Home location from GPS that it is in the garage) and therefore backs up in the direction of most amount of space. It would then maneuver in whatever way it deemed best based on openness of area around it (using sensors) in order to drive towards the GPS location of the Summon. It would also use GPS and fleet learning of places Teslas have been to know how it can get to it's destination (compared to the sensor data). This way it could pick you up blocks away and not just at your house.
    Created 30-Jul-2017