Car Getting Too Close Warning Flasher




When a car is behind you and gets too close and becomes dangerous, a warning signal could be emitted. It could be fast-blinking rear lights or fast-blinking rear warning lights.


Moderator: In the USA, much of this is tightly regulated and while a variable or fast blinking light sounds like a great idea, I believe it is currently prohibited.



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     Created 17-Oct-2014


I worry this could add to "Road Rage" as people think your brake checking them (and technically, you would be).

As the driver, I don't want a warning that I'm being tailgated.  Unless my plan is to again "brake check" them.

Let me worry about driving.  I have a review mirror if I need to know what is going on behind me, I don't need an automated system to tell me there is a jerk behind me as my normal situation awareness should include checking my mirrors as part of my scan of what is going on.

    Created 4-May-2019
... as another segue... the algorithm for activating the brake lights during either driver induced regenerative braking or Adaptive CC should adjust for the distance, speed and approach speed differential of the vehicle behind.  This makes so much sense from a safety POV I can't imagine it not being implemented.

I will copy this suggestion to a new desired feature just in case it hasn't already.
    Created 2-Dec-2014
... as a segue ... a warning to the car behind may be regulated ... but a warning to alert the driver could still be implemented

For example in Active Cruise Control the car could automatically leave a larger gap in front, in order to allow for extra braking distance required for an emergency stop.
    Created 1-Dec-2014