Navigation with Stronger Alerts Option



Beyond the normal voice directions, if a turn is about to be missed, have an option to make a stronger alert that the turn or exit is about to be missed.


Probably many people like a Nav system that doesn’t provide much interaction with the driver, but if you nearly miss an exit because you weren’t paying close attention and the Nav system told you really close to the exit, you might want an option for a more ‘talkative’ Nav system.



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     Created 6-Oct-2019


The voice of the navigation system in my Model X is not adjustable nor changeable.

When the radio is on the luck of the treble range leads to low recognition of the voice instructions.
    Created 1-May-2022
Nav on AutoPilot works so poorly that this additional annoyance would be just that.  I can't count the number of times that Nav is signaling to move left to continue on highway but actually not making the lane change and going onto off-ramp.  Also, signaling for a mile or so that a lane change is coming up to follow Navigation only to have it not make the lane change and miss the offramp.
    Created 2-Feb-2020
On the other hand, the supplemental Nav screen that appears showing the detail of the approaching turn is excellent.  I've found that even better than a voice command in that it shows actually what's ahead, when, and where to go.  Having gotten used to that, I'm not inclined for more verbal intrusions.

    Created 3-Jan-2020
I would be happy if it just had a "ping" option as I do not want the "at the next exit turn left" I just need a reminder
    Created 6-Nov-2019
I couldn't agree more. My comment was that the Tesla Nav system isn't 'talkative' enough. Other systems I have used will tell me well in advance that I am coming up on a turn, but the Tesla system doesn't tell me until I am on top of the turn. I just suggest a setting for the frequency of interactions, or a distance from the turn point when the Nav system begins to appraise me of the next turn, or something along those lines.

The idea is to 'not' put the driver into a last-moment decision-making mode, whereupon most drivers would make some stupid mistake (me included).

Going to the next turn usually isn't a good idea either.
    Created 1-Nov-2019
People already make poor last-minute decisions, leading to accidents. Adding pressure to intentionally encourage a human to make a rushed decision seems unsafe.  Just go to the next turn - safely.
    Created 1-Nov-2019