Power Switch on FOB



Have an on/off switch on the key FOB. It could reduce the confusion when both FOBs are used for driver profiles and the first person who approaches the car is incorrectly detected as the driver.


Moderator: Does require both FOB users to remember to turn on/off each FOB to properly allow detection.



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     Created 1-Feb-2017


IMO benefits could be (1) reduced confusion with  driver profiles (2) key fob energy saving and (3) protection against remote relay thefts.

    Created 21-Jun-2018
It would improve security a lot.
    Created 21-Jun-2018
I'm surprised this obvious (and simple) security feature isn't available even on aftermarket keyfobs. I like the idea of simply reaching into my pocket and flipping a physical OFF switch to prevent thieves with RF amps from opening and stealing my car. (Even relay attacks that don't work today can be replaced with newer attacks in the future, although cars that download regular updates should mitigate this.)

Ideally this would be more of a "DISABLE" function than an "ON/OFF" that cuts current from the battery. The car should still be able to communicate with the keyfob and sound a special tone if the driver tries to open the (still locked) door.
    Created 12-Aug-2017
easy fix, use at RF shielded pouch you put the key into so the car can't detect it
    Created 17-Mar-2017
Why do you think so?


    Created 2-Feb-2017
    Created 2-Feb-2017