Built in Tire Inflator



Include a built-in tire compressor. This might take advantage of the compressor for cars equipped with air suspension.


It may require carrying a fairly long hose, so the added weight, cost, and space to hold the hose may be a minor concern. A 25ft air-hose only costs $20.


This may be included with the Cybertruck.

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     Created 4-Jul-2015


I noticed that the air suspension has the same type of valve on it's reservoir as the tires use. Possibly it already has a useable compressor on air equipped vehicles and all it would really need is some connections, a hose, and some software.
    Created 5-Dec-2015
There is already a great option for this in the Tesla webshop:
    Created 3-Dec-2015
Went to Sears and the have a small rechargeable tire inflator that works perfect. No long hose needed. Just charge battery 3 times a year.
    Created 22-Oct-2015
With V7 all 4 tire pressures should be displayed, so checking will be much easier. Re-inflating is not so common unless you have a slow puncture (which I had...).
    Created 8-Oct-2015
For the sake of checking tires a few times a year, I'll gladly forego the extra cost + weight + complexity of things to go wrong ...
    Created 2-Aug-2015
I would think that a significant amount of equipment/weight would be required to produce the pressure needed for the tires and a way to reach each valve stem
    Created 4-Jul-2015