Increase Regen Braking on Model S/X



Add an option for stronger Regen braking (see notes).


The regen braking on the Model 3 is great. I hardly ever have to use the disc brakes, but on my 2016 Model S, and now on my 2020 Model S regen braking feels pretty weak and I have to use disc braking quite a bit. My 2016 had the option for regen off, reduced regen, and a standard regen. My 2020 doesn’t seem to offer any options. I would really like to see an option for increasing the braking capability of my Model S.

Moderator:  For the Model S Plaid, the Track mode offers a higher level of regen.  I suspect normal regen is actually the same between the 3/Y and S/X, but with the S/X being a heavier vehicle, it may feel weaker than that used on the 3/Y.



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     Created 1-Feb-2023