More EQ Bands


Now Implemented!


Bass, mid and treble equalization doesn’t cut it. you should be able to select from profiles and should be something to the effect of a 12-band parametric “EQ”.


This is something common in less expensive systems (maybe not 12-bands!). Currently, both the basic system and Sound Studio only have 3 bands.


Tesla supports a 5-band equalizer since about 2015.

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     Created 28-Jun-2013


The Ultra High Fidelity systems in Tesla still has a few tricks up it's sleeve.

Also check out the section, here on teslatap, for more help.

At one time, there as an article from Resus concerning the UHF radio's EQ. Seems the radio has the ability to offer more than 3 bands?
I just can't find the link.

Most have mentioned giving the system time to 'Break In' the speakers.
I must admit, ours sounds great using the FLAC format, from a USB stick.
    Created 22-May-2016
Saving sound preferences in your driver profile would be nice also.
    Created 21-Feb-2014
I'm not sure what you mean, my car has the upgraded "Sound Studio Package"
    Created 28-Jun-2013
Upgrade your sound package and you have your feature request as far as I know.
    Created 28-Jun-2013