Restore Last Audio Music State and Favorites at Entry



Restore the last used audio settings, favorites, source, and state (playing or not) from when you last exited the vehicle.


The UI when choosing our favorite stations, whether they be Music, News, Podcasts, etc. has always been a mess (at least on my Model S screen), One spends time finding interesting stations located all over the country only to have them disappear as soon as you switch to something else, never to be seen again unless you run into them by accident.

When I turn the car on I’d like to see the last setup I created showing which Music, News, and Podcasts I had set up previously. I’d also like to have a  button or a voice command allowing me to name and save the setup. Of course, the ability to recall each saved setup with another voice command would go nicely with the first, as would be a clickable list of the setups viewable on the screen.

Moderator: I’ve added to this the ability to continue playing from the last source. Currently, when playing from USB, it never starts to play automatically



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     Created 11-Oct-2023

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I rarely use USB so I'm not sure about the behavior there, but for me, all other streaming and radio sources already behave as you've proposed. I'm in a 2012 Model S with the upgraded MCU. I'm also logged into accounts for Tune-In, Spotify, and Slacker. Maybe that makes a difference toward saving your favorites?
    Created 1-Nov-2023