Safety Score App – Hard Braking Too Sensitive



Improve the way the safety score app flags hard breaking.  Accept using regen braking and allow hard breaking without flagging hard breaking score if someone cuts in front of you as is common in many areas.


The current beta safety score looks at the percentage of time spent hard braking as a safety criterion. But it does not appear to include slowing using regenerative braking as part of the braking baseline when doing the calculations. So a driver that uses regenerative braking for almost all braking (very safe, good for efficiency, good for brake wear), and only applies the brakes when something unusual happens (e.g., someone cuts in front of you) will consistently get a low score. Suggestion: Include regenerative braking as braking when doing the calculations.

Moderator: There are plenty of situations that require hard breakings.  For example, on the Pasadena freeway (the first USA freeway), many exits require going from 55 mph to 5 mph in 100 feet or so as the poorly designed exits require a sharp right turn.



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     Created 18-Oct-2021


We get dinged for hard braking because we live on a major hill and have to brake from 55 to make a sharp right angle turn off of the main road.  Regen won’t do enough to bring speed down so we could make the turn. And our braking is hardly hard braking anyway.
    Created 2-Feb-2024
I used to get dinged on this when a light would turn yellow and I wanted to stop with limited distance. The other choice is heavy acceleration which could also be bad. Definitely needs some work.
    Created 1-Jun-2022
The Safety Score in general needs a lot of work. In fact, the vehicle's telemetry and maps should tell it when our braking is negligent and when it is necessary; the former can be charged against us while the latter shouldn't. I drive with a large buffer of space ahead of me, and always have. When people jump in front of me my Safety Score is dinged because of 'Unsafe Following'. It is very frustrating. The only way to avoid it is to drive in the rightmost lane all the time, and that is not safe or good driving. I have been dinged for hard braking, as others mentioned, when there is a short exit lane, when there is a dip and a curve, etc. If this is to work, and especially for insurance rates, then it needs to be fixed.

Lately (2023) I get a lot of forward collision warnings that I do absolutely nothing for and everything is just fine. Also, I am getting a lot of forward collision warnings for parked vehicles on the side of the road, often trucks. Tesla really needs to fix these algorithms.
    Created 1-May-2022
The issue of applying breaks when someone cuts in front of you, or as happens frequently in my area, turns out across in front of you causing the system to apply hard breaks should not affect the safety score. The act of hard breaking IS being SAFE in these instances.
    Created 27-Jan-2022