Improved Sun Visors


Now Implemented!


Provide sun visors that:

1) Extends further down. The current sun visor design is too skinny, and many Model S owners find it doesn’t adequately block the sun.

2) Can extend outward when swung around to block the side window.


Unsightly clip-on sun visor extenders are available, and the seat can be rasised to provide better coverage for some people.


New visors became available in 2014 that are about 1″ taller.

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     Created 4-Dec-2013


Pittsburgh Service Center said they can't put a larger visor on my 2013.
    Created 4-Feb-2019
How does one remove the visor and, particularly, the mirror cover from the visor, in an early S?  (The cover hinge broke and I want to remove it to repair it.)
    Created 16-Oct-2018
IMO they still aren't big enough, and I own a 2018 S.  I have to hold my hand up to block the sun in early evening, which I've never had to do in previous cars.  What's the point of sun visors if I still have to raise the seat or hold my hand up?
    Created 15-Sep-2018
Same comment as Enji-Benjy. Toyota had these in the 80's. I've not seen extendable sun visors on other than Toyotas (not saying I've driven most cars though), so perhaps there's a royalty involved?
    Created 2-Sep-2015
For front view shading, raise the seat.
    Created 2-Sep-2015
On some models, Lexus has sun-visors that are on telescopic arms so that they can be extended to cover the 'back' portion of the side windows (this would be really good for me as this is pretty much the only place I have a problem with the sun and normally means I have to drive with one hand blocking the sun so I can see). I also seam to remember one of my dads old cars (either a Lexus or Audi) that had this as well as a second thin plastic visor that could fold down to cover the front windshield as well.

This is definitely something Tesla should implement.
    Created 1-Sep-2015
At first, I thought this feature was desirable, but as it turns out, I've found that for my height, etc. the current size is just fine. Therefore, I'd say leave the visors alone--except for adding lighting.
    Created 3-Jun-2015
The too small visors are also rather problematic to use with window sun shields. When deployed forward they do not reach to the back of the windshield.
    Created 3-Jul-2014
I agree with Don N.  At a minimum, allow it to extend when pulled to the side glass. Rover did this in the 70's or earlier and even Ford does it.  Simple and very useful.
    Created 24-Jun-2014
The best solution is double sun visors that can be deployed to the front and sides at the same time.

VW does this on the Touareg. The headliner is scooped out so they are flush when closed. A little large would be nice too. DJN
    Created 30-Dec-2013