Improved Seats & Support


Now Implemented!


While the performance seat option adds a combination of leather and Alcantara, have an option to offer better side bolsters for sporty driving, or other performance seat options.


Performance seats options are often available in premium cars (especially German) like Porsche Panamera, but also the R-design-seats in a Volvo, which are known to be superb!


NewGen seats are now available.

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     Created 19-Apr-2014


A movable headrest would be an improvement (not yet implemented).  Electric vehicles excel in environments where comfort is what you lean on.  Also, it is common for a seat bench to both lower and rake upward, in the front, simultaneously.  This combines two features that a premium luxury car should keep separate.  People with long inseams, short torsos, can need more bench rake, without necessarily bottoming out the seat.
    Created 15-Dec-2014
At 6’6" 280 lbs I have a lifetime of not fitting into various kinds of seats.  Unless the proposed seats are custom designed for MY body any attempt to make the conform (or support) the human body will likely make them less comfortable or even unusable by me. One size does not fit all!
    Created 13-May-2014