Easier Access – Bolster Adjust


Now Implemented!


Have front driver and passenger seat outer bolsters that automatically lower when the door is opened to allow easier access in and out of the car.


The latest generation front seats are harder to slide in and out compared to the earlier generation seats that did not have sport seat style side bolsters. This feature would allow the ease of access to the car in the same way that the earlier generation seats did. With the bolster down you can slide in and out easily.


The seat design was changed around 2019 and now has lower-side bolsters. In addition, a new automatic driver profile Easy Entry that can adjust the seat position and steering wheel position for easier entry and exit.

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     Created 16-Jul-2017


I’m an older gentleman, in his mid 50’s.  I’ve also added more then a few pounds to my waist over the years.

I find getting in and out of the car to be an issue.  I almost didn’t buy the car because I had problems with always hitting my head when trying to get in.

i discovered I have to tuck my left shoulder in first, then swing my body back, to get in the car. It’s a constant challenge, and once another car company has a car that truly competes with Tesla (range,speed,etc), there is a chance I will end up buying them instead.  This really is that big a problem with my Model S.
    Created 31-Jan-2019
I like the idea of adding a strap. My wife complains about the uncomfortable entry/exit of the MS, yet she loves hopping in and out of our Jeep Rubicon with the high lift kit, and it has a strap that we both use.
    Created 2-Dec-2018
I’ve had physically challenged passengers who could use seats that pivot out and tilt downward, plus having the car lower without me having to click through several screens.

All that being said, a lot of convenience could be gained with a simple grab bar or strap.
    Created 2-Dec-2018
I will always vote for seat improvements but I also realize that the suggested improvement if implemented will be directly passed on to the customer as an option that will come with a price.  There are some very, very good seats in the auto industry that Tesla could use as a starting point for better seat design.  In other words Tesla does not have to reinvent the wheel.  They just have to realize the value presenting a better seat would bring to the purchasing public.
    Created 1-Aug-2017
Thanks for the light edit from the moderator.. well explained.  I should also point out that observing many "over 21' Tesla drivers growing as they get in and out.. and of course its not only Tesla seats.  Other makes are often worse, but it would be great for Tesla to take the lead..
    Created 18-Jul-2017