Disable HomeLink if no FOB detected


Now Implemented!


Offer an option to only allow HomeLink operation if a FOB is present.


If you are in the car without a FOB you can use HomeLink to open and close your garage door if your car is within range. This means if your car is parked in your driveway. someone can break your car window and open your garage door in seconds. Many people have garages built into the house and often leave the door between the garage/house unlocked. That would give thief access within your house in seconds.


Implemented in v10.2 software and confirmed in June-2021.  Note that there is a short time period after locking the car and when the alarm fully sets where a tap on the display brings up the display. Once the alarm is active, the display cannot be used at all without the FOB or phone key.

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     Created 20-Jan-2020