Avoid HomeLink Accidental Settings


Now Implemented!


Move the HomeLink setting from the drop-down to the Controls area to avoid accidental hits.


The one thing that eats at me with the HomeLink function is that there is a settings button under the activate button on the home screen. The HomeLink setting button needs to be in a settings area and not on the home screen.


In version 10.2, the settings only appear when parked in the drop-down list.  When moving in reverse or forward, only the one GPS localized choice appears. This avoids accidentally hitting the wrong HomeLink choice or settings.

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     Created 4-Mar-2015

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I agree the HomeLink settings button should be relocated as described.

I would also like to see the HomeLink dropdown buttons increased in size  50% - 75% larger would make selecting it while approaching the garage a lot easier.
    Created 31-Mar-2015