Visually Detect Open or Closed Garage Door



Use the cameras to detect if the garage door is in the wrong position before activating auto open/close with HomeLink.


The HomeLink on my Model X activates upon recognition of leaving or arriving; however, if someone at home opened the garage door and left it opened while the Tesla was out and about problems arise. Upon arrival to my house, the Tesla actuates the HomeLink with the door in the open state, if someone had opened it during my absence, leading to the door closing as I am pulling into the garage. I would like autopilot to recognize this situation and stop the car and activate HomeLink to stop door closing.



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     Created 8-Jun-2019


I would like it if it would open the gate on my street when I leave my home driveway which is under 100' from the gate.  It always opens the gate when I come home but never opens the gate when I leave.
    Created 5-Oct-2019
I understand HomeLink does not store stare of garage door. However, a Tesla could detect the garage door closing as you are entering . And also detect garage door is closed on leaving or backing up.
    Created 3-Jul-2019
Some Tesla owners with garages engage the garage door before AP could detect if it was closed or not.  Also, it is not clear to me what difference AP would be detecting, i.e., the garage door of the rear wall of the garage.  And for what it is worth, HomeLink is not programmatically capable of detecting the state of the garage door.
    Created 3-Jul-2019
This request is similar to the "Low Speed Object Detection"

If there is an obstacle in front or behind the car, do not proceed, ask for confirmation before continuing.
    Created 29-Jun-2019