Home Button for Navigation


Now Implemented!


Have one button for your home address.


Common with tomtom handhelds and many in-vehicle navigation systems. I use it constantly with my TomTom. And when I am traveling I might program that remote hotel, that I have finally found after searching a long time as my “home”. Now when I do day trips, go to a restaurant in town or so I don’t have to remember my hotel address or even search in “recent places”. Just press “take me home” and off you go…


Available with version 5.9+ software.  Press and slide down the navigation button to have it route to home.

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     Created 12-Oct-2013


Now implemented (since 5.9).
    Created 29-Jun-2014
Seems like a no brainer. I thought all navs had this.  Mine have and I use it all the time.  Easy enough to implement.
    Created 24-Jun-2014
I can see the convenience of a "my temporary home" button (for your hotel, etc), and for a "my permanent home" also, for that matter. The last one, though, is convenient for thieves also, making it easy to go to a house where nobody's home. ;-)  Of course, those of us that are paranoid about that particular scenario would just program the home button to the nearest police station, so I'd welcome the Home-button on the GPS. :-D
    Created 31-Oct-2013