High Beam Indicator


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When switching to high beams, the “headlights on” indicator changes color from green to blue. Instead have both green and blue indicators when high beams are on. This would make it much less likely to leave high beams on inadvertently.




With automatic headlights now standard, it matters less. Also, the icons are in different positions on the display and use different style icons (although not dramatically different).  We’re going to close this out as solved (in a different way).

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     Created 1-Dec-2016


Sad I’m out of this solution, I’m color blind and can’t see such color change if one day it gets implemented.
    Created 31-Mar-2019
I have color blindness and find it difficult to distinguish the position of the high-beam indicator. It would seem to be a simple, inexpensive tweak to create a more distinctive size/graphic/location that enables us to determine at a quick glance if the high beam indicator is on or off. It is a distraction for me to have to take my eyes off the road 2-3 times, sometimes leaning forward (my eyes are not getting any younger), to determine the headlight status. Maybe newer models have the feature that turns the brights off automatically when an approaching vehicle is detected.
    Created 13-Mar-2019
The great thing about having an LCD display for the instrumentation should be that the design can be optimized. Aside from one, mostly good, change this has not happened.

I also think the turn indicators are in the wrong place and too small, it is dangerous to leave them on and anything that the design of the instrumentation can do to help the driver should be considered - especially when it can be implemented with an over the air update.
    Created 30-Apr-2017
I also find that the high beam indicator is located in the precise location to be blocked by the steering wheel so I too am always inadvertently driving around with my high beams on. It would be really helpful to move the indicator so that it's visible for tall drivers (I'm 6' 2").
    Created 1-Mar-2017
Heck, when I have the seat and steering wheel adjusted to my preferred position, the top of the wheel blocks the top of the display anyway.... I find myself driving around with the high-beams on all the time...

I continues to miss having my Nissan GTR -- that car's instrument cluster was attached to the steering column and when you raised/lowered the wheel, the entire cluster moved with it. I wish every vehicle were made this way...


Also..... while my 2013 Model S is too old for Auto Pilot, I'd hope that the newer cars with AP would be smart enough to give some sort of visual and/or audible warning when they sense you're driving around with your high beams on and there is oncoming traffic....
    Created 28-Feb-2017
Actually one good argument for this is that many people are color blind to green and blue. Dual indicators would eliminate any confusion about whether high beams are on.
    Created 4-Feb-2017
Every car I've had uses the green and blue indicators just like my Tesla.  Why change convention and take responsibility for operating the car.  At night I'm watching the road and not the dash for indicator lights.
    Created 15-Dec-2016