High Beam Icon Relocation


Now Implemented!


Move the high beam headlight icon to be visible in all steering wheel positions.


The indication of high beam headlights only appears as an icon in the upper left-hand corner of the dash. This can be very hard to see with some steering wheel positions. Change the icon whether the headlights are on to also show that the high beams are on or move to a better location.


All Tesla’s currently have the indicators either moved to the center screen (3/Y) or the steering wheel is changed to eliminate blocking the instrument display on the mid-2021 S/X.

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     Created 30-Dec-2018


It's bad for me because the position of the wheel that I am most comfortable with puts the wheel between my eyes and the bright icon.  I get a lot of flashing from on coming traffic.  Wish my Model S had auto dimmer.

There could easily be an icon on the big display.
    Created 18-Oct-2019
I think all the icons should be in the bottom instead of the top, this would ensure visibility regardless the driver steering wheel position. Anyway isn’t that bad the current location, just not optimal.
    Created 1-Jan-2019