Heated Seats Default to Off


Now Implemented!


Make an option to force the heated seats off when the car awakes for more temperate climates.


It wastes precious range to heat an unoccupied passenger seat. If in Drive and no passenger is present, the seat heater would also go off.

We’re not aware of any vendor that offers this feature.


Implemented in 2023. If there is no passenger, that seat and climate control are automatically disabled.  In addition, Tesla now provides an “Auto” setting for seat heaters to only turn them on when the interior cabin temperature is cold and turn off automatically once the cabin is warm.


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     Created 5-Apr-2013


I use the seat warmers in my Land Rover LR4 often. After turning off vehicle, they always return to OFF. I'm surprised that my 2020 Model S LR+ does not do the same.
    Created 1-Jan-2021
Could I still use the passenger heater to keep the pizza warm?
    Created 4-Jan-2015
Power consumption in heated seats is usually nothing compared to the cabin heater, and I doubt it will me measurable on your driving length.

I do however agree that an option to have them off by default (possibly by sensor for seatbelt switching off if no passenger present) would be a good idea.

I would also like to be able to set "summer mode" that removes the buttons from the bottom menu (but still be able to turn on using cold weather page on the car settings), to prevent jokers in the passenger seat from turning on the heater in the summer time. ;-)
    Created 3-Oct-2014
maybe couble it to the cabin temp, and the seat sensor

and add an auto setting, that when the car is cold put it on max and when the car heat up lower it
    Created 11-May-2013