Heated Windshield



An effective way to defrost and keep ice from the windshield. Perhaps heating within the windshield itself.


Tesla does have the advantage of being able to heat the car and clear the windows remotely by turning on the heat via the app.



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     Created 2-Feb-2013


Yes, 'resolved' is nonsense.  Even if the Winter Package is considered a solution, which it is not, it is far too expensive as a solution for this suggestion.
    Created 27-Oct-2015
A colleagues Nissan and Range Rover both have this feature
    Created 13-Sep-2015
The Range Rovers have heated windshields also.
    Created 14-Jan-2015
I have this feature in my 2001 model Think City. It's by far the fastest way to defrost the windshield. Even if the windshield is covered with relatively thick ice, the heater will loosen it in a couple of minutes, letting you just push it off. Also effective against fog.
    Created 17-Oct-2013
I've had electric heated windshield on my last 4 vehicles (Ford and Volkswagen). This is offered by more and more producers now. It is very helpful in winter time here in Norway!
    Created 11-May-2013
No known cars offer an alternative to the standard design of blasting dry air at the windshield.

Does Ford qualify as a "known car"? ;-) Ford has been offering this feature for years already, at least in those models that are sold in Europe. See this video for illustration:
Ford QuickClear heated windscreen
    Created 30-Apr-2013
Can be regarded resolved: New options for Europe

The new option does not expressly state "heated windshield", but it does state "heated windshield wiper nozzles & cowl, improved defrost grill". I'd assume that this solves the problem at hand.
    Created 11-Apr-2013
I know back in the 1980s this was an option available on the Mercury Sable and the Ford Taurus. It was called Instaclear. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quickclear It can be rather problematic though and makes replacing a windshield a lot more expensive.
    Created 5-Feb-2013
A lot of European cars have directly heated windshield. The treads are invisible when you focus on the road ahead.
    Created 4-Feb-2013