Heads Up Display



A Heads Up Display (HUD) shows information reflected off the windshield, such as the speed and any warnings. More advanced systems may include navigation data as well. This allows you to read the information while keeping your eyes focused on the road.

The best-designed systems set the focal range of the display to be infinity so you don’t have to re-focus to see the information, but this rare in today’s systems.


GM, BMW, Nissan, and a few others have experimented with HUD technology and have offered various versions on select models in the past. Often the systems difficult to use in all light conditions, partly due to attempts to keep the costs somewhat reasonable (although still expensive). On the 2013 BMW M5, the Heads Up display is a $1300 option.

There are third-party products that can be attached to the car, typically in the $100-150 range that display limited information, such as speed.



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     Created 7-Dec-2012


Head-up-displays today (2020) are standard features on most comparable cars. It's about time for Tesla to put this feature to work - particularly in the Models 3 and Y as the relevant driving information is not really where the driver should focus his attention!
    Created 24-Oct-2020
Yep - I was too conservative on the desirability. I've bumped it up a notch.
    Created 1-Aug-2017
Surprised Teslatap could be so far off, as to register the dials it does for this extremely popular feature.
    Created 31-Jul-2017
would like it , but what the X really needs is an efficient blind spot detector with a visual light and sound warning this combined with the heads up display would be terrific!
I can't understand with all of the terrific features on this car that we don't have a good blind spot detection, i know all about adjusting the side view mirrors, but i think this is more important than "summon"
    Created 31-Jul-2016
If a HUD display in any way obstructs a driver's view of what is ahead, it should not be used.
    Created 9-May-2016
I consider this an essential feature for anyone who has to wear driving glasses as presumably they are not going to be able to see the dashboard details clearly. I know I can't and have heard the same from other drivers.

BMW's latest HUD is a good reference.
    Created 1-May-2016
Seems an obvious feature to have on a car such as a Tesla, which is in most respects ahead of its time.

By the way, it's a Head-up display, not HeadS.
    Created 4-Dec-2015
Switched from loyal MB buyer to BMW because of the head-up display and front cameras six years ago. Now even MB has it. Good safety feature to keep eyes on road especially when BMW integrated the navigation directions onto the windshield
    Created 22-Nov-2015
In the Valley fog can be deadly. How nice to have a HUD showing what's on the road on things that can't be seen in fog. Deeds, Cats, Stalls.
    Created 22-Oct-2015
I used to drive a Toyota Prius (one of the earlier ones and then a 2010 model) both of them had a simple HUD which showed your speed and would also show some basic navigation data when you were coming up to a turn. I never had any problem seeing the HUD in any lighting conditions. This is also the feature I miss most in my current car.
    Created 1-Sep-2015
I've been using a HUD in my Lexus for the last six years.  I consider it the *most essential feature* for a modern car.  Significantly more useful that self-parking; a greater convenience than cruise control (adaptive or otherwise); and a great safety improvement exceeded only by a few features such as airbags.

My observation from the reviewers and comments are that people who are doubtful simply don't have experience (or sufficient experience) with it.  To be honest, when I bought my last car, I didn't even give it a thought -- it just happened to be a feature that came along with everything else.  Once I got accustomed to it, however, I found that driving other cars felt primitive and annoying.

I really want a Tesla and I'm really not going to get one without HUD.
    Created 20-Jun-2015
Having had HUD in the last three cars (all BMW 650) I will miss this the most when I switch to a Model S.

ps: I recognize the HUD picture above
    Created 31-Jan-2015
+1 for  virtual cable and otherwise at least speed in the HUD!
    Created 27-Jan-2015
I propose a Senior Tesla with windshield projection of IR view image in the night, (audio synchronization with hearing aid-as I posted elsewhere), a front end and curb sensor, etc.
    Created 16-Dec-2014
I've been in stop and go traffic that is so slow, I wish I could play videos.  This is what I sense Tesla is working on, not keeping drivers eyes on the road.  There may be a safe way not to need a HUD, but I am not sure I care about the kind of automated solutions Tesla is working so hard on.  So, I vote 'Yes'.

I like keeping my eyes on the road, and not having to take them off in search of pixels.  There is a list where the Model S could do better, here, and HUDs might help.
    Created 15-Dec-2014
I drove a Nissan with a HUD for a while, all it displayed was the speed ... but even having only that one simple piece of information was dramatically valuable for keeping my eyes on the road.  Great for safety, and great for avoiding speeding fines.

Absolutely must have HUD on a top-end car.  This is already old technology ...
    Created 1-Dec-2014
It should also be connected to an infrared camera in the front. This will detect eg animals at a longer range an improve driving safety during night or in low vis conditions.
    Created 10-Nov-2014
If at some point Tesla offers a head-up system, it should be something advanced like this:

PhysOrg: Head-up display wins top navigation prize in Munich
Gizmag Automotive: True3D Head Up Display keeps drivers focused on the road

Simulated display for the True3D satnav system (Image: Making Virtual Solid)
    Created 26-Mar-2013
Why not add infra red detection?
    Created 30-Jan-2013
In keeping with a "future car" this should be an option. Nice but not essential.
    Created 8-Jan-2013