Headlight Washers



Offer a headlight washer option.


I am surprised no word about headlight washers . I always appreciated this on my previous car when driving long time at night time.

On a 2015 BMW M4, an executive package for $4000 includes washers (with other features). A 2015 Porsche Panamera offers a premium option package that includes washers for $2800.



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     Created 5-Feb-2015


Driving in wintery Norway, headlight washers are utterly desiered. Most car makes sold in Norway have had this feature the last twenty years.

Scandinavian roads are flooded with salty sludge from november through march. Lacking headlight washers when driving in the dark, you have to stop the car every so often to manually wipe your lights.

Priced as a premium Brand, Tesla should offer headlight washers.
    Created 20-Nov-2017
In (approx) 1/4 million miles of driving, I've experienced many different conditions ... and this is one of those features you don't realise you need until you experience the difference it can make.

So I have to agree with this one: there are conditions of rain/melting snow plus mud plus traffic which can very quickly cover up headlights with a layer of slime, causing a hazard to yourself and to others.  Admittedly it's unusual, usually only occurring for a while in spring and autumn, but then so is the need for (say) the collision warning ... when you need it, boy do you need it.

Having driven a car equipped with headlight washers several times in those marginal conditions, I have to say I greatly appreciated being able to see, and being able to clear the lights as I noticed them getting dimmer.

    Created 22-Feb-2015
Speaking of washers - one ride out in bad weather, the rear camera becomes dirty and useless.

Headlight AND camera washer would be greately appreciated.




    Created 6-Feb-2015