Make more Hardware Upgrades Available


Now Implemented!


Like software updates, offer more hardware upgrades available (for a cost).


Tesla is already disruptive to the auto industry in how it sells cars and in its over-the-air software updates, and these are marvelous. I have seen reports that people might be ‘waiting’ to buy a Tesla until new features are put onto the cars. I am one of them. So another extremely disruptive feature might be to offer hardware upgrades for Tesla cars, or maybe even a subscription service (like software) where you would pay for the option of getting hardware updates as they come out. It would blow the industry-wide open!!!


We’re going to close this out as implemented. Tesla has offered a large number of hardware upgrades and retrofits to older cars over the years, far more than any other vehicle manufacturer that we are aware of.  The latest available retrofit is MCU2 for older MCU1 cars.

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     Created 6-Oct-2019

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I don't have ventilated seats but it might be nice to have them. That's the kind a of hardware upgrades that people would be willing to pay for, I believe.
    Created 23-Aug-2020