Guest/Valet/Car Wash Modes


Now Implemented!


When handing the car over to another driver, it would be nice to have some way to preset and limit operations for different situations. A tips panel would appear to advise the driver of special tips in handling the car, using the key fob, explain Drive/Neutral/Park and Automatic Parking Brake. The tips displayed would be relevant to the mode selected. This appears in the upper pane and would have a language selection option (English/Spanish/French, etc.), since the guest might not be using the same language.

For all modes except Guest Unlimited, the lower pane shows a map with breadcrumbs to show where the car travels while in this mode (i.e. to discourage joy rides, since the route is recorded).

A key code (3 or 4 digits) is required to return to normal mode once activated and some features and options would not be accessible and/or would be locked into a fixed state. For example, stability control might be forced on and returns to the prior state once the guest mode is turned off.

There could be four modes with various options that once set, the guest cannot change:

Guest Unlimited – Allows full access without restrictions, but provides a tips panel.

Guest Limited – Includes a speed limiter slider that remembers the last setting, with initial default at 55 MPH. Sets other vehicle defaults to what most non-electric car users expect (Creep, Steering effort, etc.).

Valet – Has a separate speed-limited slider, with default to 25 MPH. The FOB might work differently in this mode, as the Valet may leave the key in the car when parked, which should shut down the screens after the driver exists. Provides the option to keep Frunk, Glove-box, and Rear hatch locked while in Valet mode.

Car Wash – Has a separate speed-limited slider, with default to 15 MPH. The ride height would go to maximum (if air shocks equipped), and selecting Neutral would not go into Park when exiting the car so it can be pulled in the wash track (yes, not recommended, but we know some owners will need it).

For security, these modes should also hide the “Home” position/information on maps (if maps are even allowed), and disable the HomeLink garage opener options.


Unaware of anything like it. Requires no hardware.

Check out our free Guest/Valet/Car wash app as a short-term solution.


Valet mode is available with version 6.2 software and a PIN code or the owner’s phone can be used to disable Valet mode.

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     Created 10-Jan-2013


Valet mode is now available in v6.2
    Created 1-Apr-2015
We're at the end of 2014 and still waiting.  With the introduction of the P85D, this is really a must have.
    Created 22-Dec-2014
These ideas are all worthy of consideration/implementation.  While software update 6.2 provides a valet mode which is turned off with the owner's PIN I the implementation still allows a 70 mph speed.  I think 70 mph is a ludicrous speed to allow a valet to attain.  Tesla should either allow an owner input for the maximum speed or lower it to a reasonable 40 mph.
    Created 2-Dec-2014
Love this concept as well.  For maximum flexibility an owner should be able to add a new mode, give it a label, and define its limits.   Perhaps a couple of sensible built-in modes like valet could also be part of the feature.

Like another poster mentioned, power limiting should be part of this feature.  While limited to 25 mph, they won't need 470 horses behind the pedal.    Allowing 150 ponies loose would satisfy my requirement for the teenage mode!  :)
    Created 2-Dec-2014
I could see a LOT of benefit in a "teenage" mode ... limited power, limited speed, breadcrumbs

And while we're dreaming, how about facial recognition unlocking, from a camera on the steering wheel?

    Created 14-Oct-2014
Very good thoughts! What I also would like to see is a possibility to reduce the POWER of the engine, so that the acceleration of the car is reduced. It doesn’t help much to reduce the top speed of the car if the acceleration still let the car go out of the hand of a less experienced driver.
    Created 6-Jul-2014
The tips page could be loaded from anywhere using the web browser? That would at least let a valet know how to handle the car.
    Created 20-Oct-2013
This is the best idea yet.  I've used the TeslaTap app but it is not always feasible to go to the Internet and pull it up.
    Created 18-Jun-2013
absolutely need this
    Created 12-May-2013
Some great ideas here!
    Created 7-May-2013

Valet – Has a separate speed limited slider, with default to 25 MPH.  The FOB might work differently in this mode, as the Valet may leave the key in the car when parked, which should shutdown the screens after the driver exists.


Problem: how does the Valet get back in? Do the handles remain touch-sensitive?
    Created 18-Jan-2013