Grab Handles



Provide grab handles (called assist grips in the industry).


It did not bother us as much when we bought our first MS, when both my wife & I were a spry 72. But now that we’ve hit 82, accompanied by all the creaks and cracks that go along with that not-so-golden age, things have gotten more serious, especially for the one who turns out to be the passenger on any given day. It used to be that only exiting the car was difficult, but now entering has become a chore too.

Come on design people. Isn’t it possible to come up with a beautiful, functional handle that won’t spoil the minimalist look of the cockpit? And if not, isn’t it worth a small compromise to make your older customers (duh, the ones most likely able to afford the vehicle) a bit happier? I’m sure even something a little more pedestrian would be welcome.



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     Created 6-May-2023