Navigate using Learned Preferred Route



Offer the ability to learn or notice a preferred common route for navigation, such as to work or back home, and use it instead of the generic calculated route, which may not be ideal for special routes.


Putting in a favorite destination, or home, work, and then driving it a preferred route should be memorized as the favorite route for that destination. This is a common GPS/Nav issue. There frequently is multiple ways to get to a destination, and your own driving taste determined which route to take. Sometimes the shortest “zig-zagging across side streets” is not the best “driving” way to get somewhere when you could take the main road and then make one turn…a bit longer but much less “driving” effort.

Or there are two main thoroughfares to get to the same destination, you always use A rather than B, even though A is 1/10 mile long, the scenery is much better. The GPS will try and route you to use B until you pass it.

We know it is impractical for the GPS to figure that out for “every” possible destination, but for the favorites, either allow to save the route on the favorite and/or when you drive it the same way 3 times, then get prompted to save as preferred route.



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     Created 31-Jan-2022


Yes! Local knowledge is always better than GPS.
    Created 1-Oct-2022
More generally the car should remember the typically made choices of any options, and then provide the most often made choices as default.
    Created 1-Mar-2022