Navigation – Go to Last Parked Location



Offer a way to navigate to the prior parked location.


Many times I am traveling and stay at a hotel. I then venture out into the local area to eat, events, etc., and wish to return to my hotel. I realize I could have my hotel plugged in the nav, or ask to return to the name of the hotel, and location – however much more convenient to simply say “go to last” and have the car navigate back to where I started my last trip. I can always override it if I don’t like the destination it selected. I would use the words “return to start” but given the go-to” command either “go to start” or “go to last” would suffice.



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     Created 2-Oct-2022

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There are times when we use 'navigation' to reach a destination but vary the route because we are familiar with a better /  short route. It would be great to temporally save this altered route, so as to return back to our starting point
    Created 2-Nov-2022