Geofencing Direction for Auto-raise



Have separate suspension auto-rise/lower based on GPS and the direction of travel.


Currently, the GPS-based setting for Suspension works in a way that when you approach a stored location, the height will auto adjust to the set height for that location. This leads to a situation when entering an area where I want the suspension to HIGH, it will set to HIGH. Then I park the car. When leaving again, the suspension starts in LOW, passing the location, it will adjust to HIGH. But that is not what I want. I would like it to work similarly to a fence. On one side of the fence, the suspension needs to be HIGH, on the other side, it needs to be LOW. So passing an auto-raise location should consider the direction before deciding to auto-raise or auto-lower.

Moderator: This might be the opposite of what most owners want. Usually, if there is an area that needs a raised suspension, you want it in all directions when passing over that problem spot.



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     Created 4-Jun-2018

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My experience with Auto-Raise is it sometimes raises the suspension when passing a location where I want it raised.  In other words, the area where I want it raised is so large in diameter it includes the street in front of the business instead of only in the parking lot.  It doesn't bother me very much as the suspension lowers again when you get far enough away from the location.  Maybe an option to define a radius or diameter around a "raise" location could be added.
    Created 1-Aug-2018