Improved Front Cup Holders


Now Implemented!


The current cup holders are too close together and two large drinks do not fit at the same time. While cans, thin bottles, and smaller cups do fit, two oversize cups do not.




The Model S and X include a center console that adds two additional cup holders that support large cups.

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     Created 13-Aug-2015


I have to totally agree about the position of the cupholders on top of center console. I once bought a peach milkshake and placed it in the cupholder. Then, I rested my arm and jammed the straw through the cup spilling all its contents all over my treasured Tesla. Very poor design. I have 2017 MX.
    Created 10-Jan-2019
I couldn't agree more.  Most other car manufacturers have this nailed.  Just look at those.  (e.g. BMW)
    Created 21-May-2016
And if I use small water bottles, they rattle around constantly.  They should do what pretty much every other car maker has done and put in cinchers (right word?) to hold any size.
    Created 7-Oct-2015
The only nice thing about the cupholders is you dont see them when you dont use them. Certainly a design error/flaw
    Created 1-Oct-2015
The present cupholders are an abomination that should be addressed asap.  They essentially have no adjustment whatsoever.  They are positioned too close together as the OP already stated but they also need to be deeper and further forward.  Basically get them off the armrest to somewhere/anywhere else.
    Created 2-Sep-2015
Position of cup holders at elbow is awkward.  Hidden compartment under armrests is useful, but not for cups.
    Created 18-Aug-2015