SiriusXM for non-Pano Roof


Now Implemented!


Offer XM radio on non-pano roof vehicles (Ultra audio option).


It used to be available on early cars by having the antenna mounted behind the hatch glass. While not as good a location as under the pano roof glass, it is better than nothing.


The Model S and X include XM radio on all variants starting in 2018.

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     Created 6-Nov-2015


Tesla's attitude on Satellite radio is puzzling. First you needed the Pano Roof. When the Pano Roof became standard, you needed the Sunroof. Now there is no restriction. (a month after we bought our MS!) If you live in a "terrestrial radio dead zone" other than thumb drive or phone, you are restricted to what the car says you can listen to. People always comment "just listen through your phone" which I do but for me, this is but an invitation to leave the phone in the car. Just try to get into your MS or MX when your phone is in the car and you don't have a key! Not a pretty site and it was a long walk to the dealership! PLEASE give us a streaming option for SiriusXM!
    Created 20-May-2019
This can even be through streaming with SXM online package.
    Created 23-Dec-2017