Fold Mirrors on Park



Have an option to control the folding of the mirrors based on when the car goes into park, and unfolds when out of park.


I have my M3 set to not lock when I’m parked at home (garaged) but it would be nice to have the option to have the mirrors fold in when the park is engaged. Also to unfold when in D or R.

The option (fold mirrors at this location) causes the mirrors to fold as I’m backing into the driveway and is not ideal



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     Created 5-Oct-2021


Much better control of the mirrors is needed.  Ideal setting for me:

  1. Fold before entering garage.

  2. Folded in garage.  And in Park wherever.

  3. Unfold when engaging Reverse.

  4. Fold when approaching garage door frame (tightest spot).

  5. Unfold when clear of garage.

    Created 10-May-2022
I have to park in a very crowed garage & I find that I am bumping into my mirrors while getting around the car. Would be great if the mirrors folded as you get out & unfolded when you get back in
    Created 1-Nov-2021