Finer Adjustment Control for Audio



Allow control of equalizer and fader so it is easier to adjust while driving.


The current equalizer and balance/fade controls are hard to adjust to a fine degree when driving. It would be helpful to have up/down and right/left arrows that could be pressed to move the control in 1/4-step increments for finer tuning control and ease of use.




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     Created 19-Oct-2014


I believe this suggestion will improve safety, since adjustment of audio controls is a high workload task that requires too much 'heads down time'. The reason is that very precise pointing gestures are required on the screen in order to achieve the desired adjustment. This suggestion should be implemented for all adjustments where a 'slider' currently is the only option available for adjustment. Examples for this is the audio adjustments (as described here) HVAC fan control, display lighting control (and so on).

Equalizer settings should also be linked to the audio source, e. g. DAB, FM or internet radio. Since these sources for sound and music have different streaming bandwidths (experienced as different audio dynamics) I often find a need to adjust the equalizer settings when changing between the audio sorces.
    Created 2-Jan-2016
Many audio systems have genre presets like Pop, Jazz, Classic, Rock, and Custom etc.  with many more sliders.  Really need this capability.
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    Created 13-Jul-2015
Equalizers should be adjusted in a recording studio, not while driving.
    Created 4-Mar-2015
I 2nd more bands on the EQ...
    Created 2-Dec-2014
I'd also like to see a couple more bands in the equalizer.
    Created 1-Dec-2014