Sentry Mode on Pre-HW2 Cars



Use the ultrasonic sensors to create a limited Sentry mode. It wouldn’t work nearly as nice as the camera based Sentry mode, but could still be useful. As a bonus, it would have minimal power draw.


I have a pre-2016 Model S so I can’t actually get the new “Sentry Mode”. However, thieves don’t have to know that. I would love to have a “fake sentry mode” such that if there is small movement detected by the alarm, or by the parking sensors, then my center screen lights up with a “Sentry Mode Activated – You are being monitored!” screen.



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     Created 15-May-2019


Yes that sounds great and easy to do but maybe they have abandoned pre HW2 cars.
    Created 5-Oct-2019
I voted this up but I am not so sure about a minimal power draw of the suite of high power ultrasonic sensors.
    Created 3-Jul-2019