Wireless Cameras Option for Trailers



When towing a trailer, it would be great to have an option to mount wireless cameras on the trailer to see behind the trailer, and perhaps inside the trailer when moving animals. These could be viewed on the cabin’s display.


We are planning to use the Cybertruck to tow our horse trailer. What I had built for our current truck is a wireless camera system such that we can watch the horses in the trailer and see them directly behind the trailer.

If I were to do this again, I would have a few more cameras in the system such that I could have additional views out the back and more angles for the horses. We really care about the horses and want to make sure they are safe.

The ability to add additional cameras would help with the visibility for driving. Wireless cameras are relatively low cost (I did my system for under $300 with 4 cameras and the 10-inch display for the truck) It gives us that extra confidence that the horses are safe and that we can see if anyone is driving behind the trailer. It also helps to park the trailer into tight spots.

Also, integrating this with the dashcam would be a great bonus.

Moderator: There are a number of existing third-party products that provide a wireless camera for trailers.  Obviously, these are not integrated, but a reasonable solution.



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     Created 31-Oct-2020