Log Owner’s Charge Info on Map



At each visited charge location, record type of charger and voltage/current/power that you got from that location. When you tap on the charged icon on the map, it would display this additional information.





(Suggested by Bjørn)

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     Created 1-Jan-2015


I used to track my mileage (since 1964) for all my cars. In fact, it was the way I learned new computer languages! I had a standard application to do all sorts of calculations and displays that I'd implement with each new computer language. I enjoyed having the information, too, since I could figure out where I'd traveled and what the effects of various climate and driving patterns had on mileage. When we got the Tesla, my wife asked if we still needed to track the information! I told her "no," but I miss the data. I would like at least to have the raw data able to be downloaded from the cloud.
    Created 1-Apr-2016
Extra charge information on the map could also include the number of vehicles currently charging.

Also when a certain SuChas been selected as destination or is part of a route, the estimated time of arrival time - in conjunction with 'charge completion times' from cars currently charging - could be used to predict how crowded a SuC will be at your time of arrival. The SuC are colored red on the map today, and could be colored yellow when the number of SuC stalls is limited (e.g. 75 % occupied) and colored purple when the SuC is full and a waiting line before charging can be expected. Also information about 'inbound vehicles' with an ETA could be provided to the cars currently charging. This information can be used for route planning, increased awarenes about expected conditions and to adjust the amount of charging if charging to a state of charge higher than absolutely necessary for next  leg of the route.
    Created 2-Jan-2016
Useful feature.
    Created 31-Mar-2015
Along with other information that would be uploaded to the Cloud and owner's home computer, might be good for service records.
    Created 4-Mar-2015
May get clotted on screen but with a show/hide solution it may be useful!
    Created 15-Jan-2015