Enter a Code or PIN to Drive


Now Implemented!


As a extra security layer it would be great to have an option that to begin driving required entering a PIN code on the display.




Implemented with 2018.32.5 Software in September 2018.

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     Created 12-Aug-2014


This is extremely important!

the recent Teslas that have been stolen, have had remote access disabled so that the car can not be tracked. Adding this small bit of security would be able to recover cars quickly.


it would also be nice to have the option to add pin/confirm to other items.
    Created 23-Oct-2018
4 years later it is now implemented via SW update... :-)
    Created 31-Aug-2018
With the theft of cars using the "relay" method of extending the key fob signal, this is needed to at the very least severely hinder the thief driving the car away if they get access to the cabin
    Created 7-Jun-2018
This would keep a child who got hold of the fob from driving the car.
    Created 1-Jan-2018
I recently misplaced my Tesla key and there was a high probability that it had been picked up close to my house. If this had happened my car was vulnerable to theft and there seemed to be nothing I could do about it (Please correct me if this is wrong). After a worrying night I found my key again. I would have been much happier if there had been a way to disable the car to ensure that a stranger with the key could not have driven off.
    Created 22-Jun-2017
Or a finger p[rint or voice recognition (pattern or password)

    Created 4-Feb-2015
I used to love this on our BMW's.  (They stopped doing it.)
    Created 4-Feb-2015
If implemented properly this feature could be quickly done and undone as needed.
    Created 3-Dec-2014
This could be a life safety issue.  It prevents someone from using the car to save your life if you are incapacitated.
    Created 1-Dec-2014
Great idea.  I would like it to be optional and something can be enabled and disabled as needed.
    Created 24-Aug-2014