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As an extra security layer, it would be great to have an option that to able to turn the Mobile Remote Access off a PIN code on the display was required.


Today if your car gets stolen it’s easy to see where it is by using the Tesla app (and give the police a little help). But if the car thief just turns the Mobile Remote Access off it’s no longer possible.

Moderator: Relative to the number of cars produced, Tesla’s cars are the least stolen production car in the USA. See AOL (May-2014) article for details.


Implemented in V9, 2018.44. Even more secure as it requires your login credentials.

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     Created 12-Aug-2014


You wouldn't have to enter the PIN often, only when you want to turn it off. Also a PIN/password should be needed to turn off the valet mode.
    Created 13-Sep-2015
Chevy Volt uses a PIN to get to any items that turn on/off items in the car, I would like the same for this app.
    Created 13-Jul-2015
I see no point in adding another step. I have a car currently that has a start button which I have to push after the car knows I'm unlocking it. Worse yet its a car that requires me to push the button twice just to turn it off. Dumb!
    Created 25-Mar-2015
This is a sensible proactive approach to property protection.
    Created 3-Dec-2014
Tesla are very new, so the observation that there is no known occurrence of a thief disabling remote access is completely irrelevant.  Wake up guys!  That's like saying thieves are dumb so no need to protect ourselves ... which is a dumb thing to say.  Thieves are much more creative than the man in the street, they can hot wire cars, crack alarm systems, and are intimately familiar with the protections of multiple different models of cars.

Tesla's speed makes it great for a getaway or an outrun attempt, so it's just a matter of time before a smarter thief chooses one for his next project, and disables tracking for the time it takes him to commit a crime and then dump the car in a wrecked state.  Happens a lot to every other model, Tesla is clearly not (yet) immune.  Paying attention to security is next most important after paying attention to driving safety and (frankly) trumps comfort and good looks as a priority for good engineering.

Adding a password protection would cost nothing, and is an easy fix.

We must anticipate problems, not react to them.

    Created 1-Dec-2014
We would prefer that TESLA remain the "least stolen car in the USA"...and worldwide!
    Created 1-Dec-2014
Add a password
    Created 2-Oct-2014
This is perhaps more interesting to have if the car is on service; I'd say it's more likely that a serviceman diong a test run plays with the car rather than a thief. I would still like this feature, though!
    Created 19-Aug-2014